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 ~AethyrNet Info and Rules~

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~AethyrNet Info and Rules~ Empty
PostSubject: ~AethyrNet Info and Rules~   ~AethyrNet Info and Rules~ Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2010 8:01 am

~It's hard to define what we plan AethyrNet to be in a short, neatly-formed paragraph, but that won't stop us from trying.~
Generally, a friendly group of people who love to poke fun at each other and not take things too seriously. A group of ultimately harmless assholes. We're mature enough to know not to take offense to every little insult thrown our way, and will call each other names freely, and make fun of each other, knowing it's all in good fun. If you need to be handled with kid-gloves 24/7, this is probably not the group for you.
We'll accept anyone and everyone willing to join, as long as they have the ability to use common sense, and know how to take a joke. All we ask is that you're seventeen or older, or at least act like it. We won't be kicking people left and right, but in the rare case that no one likes you, or you start acting like a douche, you will most likely be kicked from the group. But it shouldn't be too hard to avoid that here, just don't make an effort to get on everyone's bad side.

We've got a few rules for the forum, but you don't really have to follow them to the dot, Just take a look at 'em and keep 'em in mind.


  • Use Spoiler Tags:
    Remember to use spoiler tags appropriately when talking about any relatively new video game, anime series, TV show, or anything else of that kind. Not too hard to do, I'm sure you can handle it.
  • Don't be a Gigantic Douchemonster:
    As we said before, feel free to be a dick here. Just don't be an UNNECESSARY dick... Or a dumbass... Or an internet tuff guy. Try not to piss anyone off, or start any drama. It's a real pain to deal with. And we don't need to hear your stupid argument about how you think it's an indisputable fact that glorious Nippon's JRPG's are extensively superior to Western RPG's.
  • Got a Gripe with Someone?:
    Take it to PM. Or email, or AIM, or whatever-the-hell else. Just don't squabble like idiots in front of everyone else. It's degrading.
  • Minimal Adult Content, Please:
    Unfortunately, Forumotion doesn't allow pornography on their boards, so let's keep the porn to a minimum while we try and find a way around it, at least on the forum. Feel free to do all the porn-swapping you want in Steam chat, not like any of us care. Hah.
  • Swear as Much as you Damn Well Please:
    Alright, this isn't really a rule, just letting you know that we don't have any restrictions on swearing or anything like that.

And with that out of the way... Welcome to AethyrNet.
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~AethyrNet Info and Rules~
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