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 My character backstory. (WIP)

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My character backstory. (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: My character backstory. (WIP)   My character backstory. (WIP) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 09, 2010 10:52 pm

Name: Balih Mohzolhi
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seekers Of The Sun
Age: 27
Born: 12 years before the Garlean war
Location: Raised for 12 years in Ala Mhigo, ended up in Ishgard after Ala Mhigo was razed. Was one of the few who escaped.

- Mother was a tanner, father was an archer
- Spent time during her first 12 years of childhood helping her mother in the tannery
- Had few friends, preferred to spend what time she had that wasn't helping in the tannery by herself
- Both parents killed during the war
- Parents gave their lives to save hers
- Self taught in hunting, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and archery
- Has a scar on her face from a raptor while hunting
- Spends time wandering throughout Eorzea
- Makes a weekly pilgrimage to the Ala Mhigo ruins to pay her respects, and to remember
- Wants to make a name for herself in adventuring

- Is emotionless and detached from others due to severe emotional scarring, occasionally cracks jokes when the situation allows it
- level headed and calculating in combat, prefers to get "up close and personal"
- Never harms anyone out of anger, only using her blade in defense of herself, and those around her.
- Believes in honor, valor, and self-sacrifice
- Is comfortable around people of different races, contrary to popular belief
- Is uncomfortable with talking about her early life especially the events that lead to her parents death, as it still haunts her thoughts to this day
- Fiercely loyal to those she calls friends, willing to lay down her life for them if need be

- Being on her own, but not 100% of the time
- Hunting
- Reading, mostly books on history
- Spending time practicing at her hobbies of cooking, and blacksmithing

- Cactuars
- People who don't take the tasks presented to them seriously
- Despises being snuck up on
- Having to use shields, considering them to be heavy and unwieldy
- Those who are disrespectful towards authority figures

(subject to change as more information becomes available)

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My character backstory. (WIP)
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