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 FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99!

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FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99! Empty
PostSubject: FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99!   FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99! Icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 11:41 am

FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99! 518310

As promised, here is a quick list of the highlights from the opening ceremonies for VanaFest 2010! Make sure to visit the Official VanaFest 2010 Blog for the meat and bones of the announcements tonight!

  • Final Fantasy XIV Beta Invites will go out to VanaFest 2010 Attendee's and "Veteran Final Fantasy XI players" on March 1, 2010. The beta itself will start ten days later on March 11, 2010!
  • Level cap in Final Fantasy XI will be raised to level 99.
  • Job ability additions/adjustments will be added/made to coincide and balance the new level cap.
  • Content updates planed out every three months for the whole year.
  • Finish off Wings of the Goddess missions and quests.
  • New WotG end-game content, Walk of Echoes, to be added.
  • New armor, weapon skills, and areas for Campaign to be added.
  • Three new add-ons containing new end-game content will be released, the first of which hitting before the end of the year. Each add-on will cost $9.99.
    FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99! 5d_18410
  • New weapon augmenting system, "Trial of the Magians."
  • Updates to Synergy crafting system.
  • Certain low level Final Fantasy XI servers to be merged together.
    FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99! 5e_79810
  • New Notorious Monsters.
  • New Seasonal Events.
  • Job-Specific Macros.

A lot of Final Fantasy XI news, but not too much regarding XIV. There will probably be some more as VanaFest 2010 moves on during the next few days. I will post what I find and good luck to everyone on getting into the beta!
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FFXIV Beta Info, FFXI reaches level 99!
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