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 New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer, kinda!

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New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer, kinda! Empty
PostSubject: New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer, kinda!   New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer, kinda! Icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2010 12:09 am

All right! We get a new trailer! Well, kinda... What we really get is "Life in Eorzea," a two and a half minute video showing off several locations, the UI, character models, and more. It's not too terribly exciting, but I'm sure most of the time spent in FFXIV will be spent just hanging out and viewing the locals. What's better, is the name of the video has a #1 after it, implying we'll be getting more of these in the future! Enjoy!

UPDATE: The fine folks over at FFXIVCore have translated the video for us! Read the translation here. They also posted new images.
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New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer, kinda!
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