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 Vent servers and PayPal donations...

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Duo Cultellus
Duo Cultellus

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Vent servers and PayPal donations... Empty
PostSubject: Vent servers and PayPal donations...   Vent servers and PayPal donations... Icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 9:05 am

So we've been talking about getting our own Ventrilo server up, and after looking into it a bit, we've decided on a provider.
Though unless largely requested, we probably won't set one up until around October, so that everyone's got the hang of XIV before we start doing anything requiring a Vent server.
Anyway, after looking around, we've decided we'll most likely buy a 35-slot server from LeetVoiceServers, which will cost $50 for six months. Not too bad, for the great quality of their servers.
Now for said servers, we'll be taking donations. That's where the PayPal donation button comes in.
If you want to donate towards the price of us buying a Vent server, you can just click the button below. (Okay it's not a button yet, just a link. I'll make it a button soon.)
Though I'd advise not donating just yet, since it'll be a month or three before we actually buy the server. (I'm really just posting it here to remind myself that the damn thing exists, when we need to actually use it.)



WELL THEN. For now, this post can be entirely ignored, because Metal Smith was kind enough to let us use his 35-slot Vent server that he set up for his XIV General group. So now we've got a place to screw around or talk during Beta!

Vent IP:
Port: 4231
Password: Aethyrnet

Thanks, Metal Smith!

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Vent servers and PayPal donations...
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