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 A new warrior has joined your ranks.

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PostSubject: A new warrior has joined your ranks.   Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:03 pm


Name in real life is Jared, Im a graphic designer, print production manager, installer and fabricator for a large format print company. Ive been a fan of FF since the dawn of time. Was very into FFXI, until my account got hacked about a month ago, and I just really didnt feel like going through the pain to get it restored seeing as this game is soon making its debut.

I have very high expectations for this game and am looking forward to it immensely. Would be awesome to actually chat or voice chat with some of you if you have that type of functionality already. And would like to know what server this group is headed to (although u might not know that until release).

Predictions for play on ffxiv include: archer, pugilist, gladiator, maurader, lancer, all crafting, all gathering... not sure how i feel about the mages at this point in time, but im sure they will pan out to be nominal allies.

If any of you would like to contact me outside the forums, my email is vylstryke@gmail.com.

Im glad to see a group like this up and running.


Locien / Elvaan / Siren Server
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Duo Cultellus
Duo Cultellus

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PostSubject: Re: A new warrior has joined your ranks.   Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:15 pm

Y'know, I don't recall having seen you in the Steam group, actually. Are you in it?
I mean it's all cool if you're not. But it'd be a first to have a member on the forums, that's not in the Steam group. Hah.

Either way, if you're not familiar with it, we're mostly based in a Steam group.
We usually talk in the group chat room on there, and just chill out.

We also have a Vent server we occasionally use.
As for servers, we're all on Gabranth. Got a linkshell up and running on there.
Obviously the server names will change on release date, but we'll figure that out when we come to it.
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A new warrior has joined your ranks.
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